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14. At the end of subscription period customers must inform Envirofresh Solutions if they wish to cancel their subscription. Envirofresh Solutions require one month notice in writing. If this is not given then Envirofresh Solutions will assume that the customer wishes to re-subscribe for another minimum subscription period. The Envirofresh Solutions will not be expected to reissue a subscription notice at any time.


15. Failure to honour the payment terms in this agreement and subscription may result in legal action being taken.


16. Extreme weather conditions may on occasion prevent us from cleaning your bin, we will endeavour to return however this may not always be possible and cleaning credits may be lost.


17. If the council bin collections change please ensure that our offices are aware of this.


18. If a customer moves house we will try and transfer cleaning credits to the new address. If this is not possible a refund of the remaining credit may be arranged minus one credit administration fee.


19. Our services are suspended around the Christmas period. More details are available in November.


20. If your wheelie bin is damaged during your subscription it must be proven to be as a result of our actions otherwise no responsibility is accepted by Envirofresh Solutions.

Envirofresh Solutions Terms & Conditions


Customers are advised to keep and read for future reference


1. Wheelie bins must be marked with their house number and it is the customers' responsibility to ensure this.


2. Once your bin has been emptied by the council please leave your bin on the boundary of your property so that it can be cleaned by one of our operatives.


3. If customers have an assisted collection please inform Envirofresh Solutions as to the location of the wheelie bins storage area.


4. Customers must ensure that Envirofresh Solutions have the correct and up to date contact details.

Terms and Conditions

8. If there is remaining rubbish items in the bin after the council bin collection it will be at the bin cleaning technician's discretion as to if the bin can be cleaned. If the technician does decide to clean the bin the remaining rubbish will be bagged up and returned to the customer.


9. If your bin will not be available on its scheduled cleaning day please let our offices know at least 24 hours beforehand and on a Friday during working hours if your bin is collected on a Monday. A failure to do so may mean that your cleaning credit is lost.


10. Customers will need to be aware of the start date of the cleaning schedule and make their bins available for cleaning.


11. Envirofresh Solutions may use a branded sticker on your wheelie bin in order to identify it to cleaning operatives.


12. Envirofresh Solutions will notify customers if there is a change to the cleaning schedule.


13. The minimum subscription is for 12 months of cleaning of one or more bins on a monthly basis (depending on the package chosen by the customer). The free bin clean offer is redeemable when the customer takes one of the Easy Clean Options.

Envirofresh Solutions Privacy Policy

5. Every effort will be made to thoroughly clean your bin however if the bin is severely contaminated with wet paint, varnish, oil or pet faeces we will be unable to clean the bin.


6. Customers will be charged on a monthly basis via PayPal.


7. Wheelie bins must be entirely emptied before they can be cleaned.

21. Our money back guarantee is available if the service has not been satisfactory for the customer providing they have adhered to Envirofresh Solutions terms and conditions and no satisfactory compromise can be reached. In this event one cleaning credit will be refunded to the customer or they will be entitled to an additional clean.


22. Envirofresh Solutions reserves the right to cancel or refuse subscription.


23. Our terms and conditions may be subject to change.


24. By using Envirofresh Solutions service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions set out above.

At Envirofresh Solutions we are respectful of your privacy and your personal information will be held securely.


We will only collect personal data in order to communicate with you effectively and process orders and payments. We may also let you know about special offers and products that may help you maintain a clean and happy home.


We are dedicated to making the most out of home life and subscribers to our services will have access to our good housekeeping newsletters and blogs.


If customers wish to unsubscribe from newsletters and blogs then they reserve the right to do so at any time.


We do not collect data from children. Our website traffic is monitored to determine visitor behaviour patterns in order to improve our service. This data is anonymous. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policy of any of any external sites linked to Envirofresh Solutions website.


We take customer service seriously and any complaints are dealt with swiftly. We may open a file on this complaint in order to monitor it, once the complaint has been resolved the file may be deleted securely. Changes to our privacy notice may be made and updated regularly in order to reflect our growing company and changes in the law. Our full privacy policy can be obtained by contacting the Envirofresh Solutions offices.